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Step One - Choose Type/Package


User selects to have a domain or sub-domain.

Default: Domain

This can be changed in the file: /root/includes/tpl/orderform.tpl

on lines 176-177 change

<option value="dom" selected="selected">Domain</option>
<option value="sub">Subdomain</option>


<option value="dom">Domain</option>
<option value="sub" selected="selected">Subdomain</option>

Package Selection

Display of all available packages with name and description. Users can click the order button to continue to the next step.

Step Two - Terms of Service

Displays the Terms of Service (which is specified in the admin panel) to the user. Requires the user to agree to the terms of service (check-box) before continuing. An information icon is next to the check-box with a tool-tip that is editable via the admin panel.

Step Three - Client Account


The Username is the user's unique identity. It is used for the creation of the hosting account on the server and for access to the User CP. This field checks to make sure it is not in use in THT's database. If it is not in the database but it is used on the server this will create an error on step five since the server is not checked for usernames.


Again this is used by the user in conjunction with the username to access their hosting account on the server and the User CP.

Confirm Password:

Verifies the user's password so that if the user made a typo they can correct it without any damage being done.


This is the user's email. It is used to send the user's account information after step five. Also this address is sent verification information, invoices, or any other mail that is sent to the client. This field also does checks to make sure that the email is formatted properly.

Step Four - Hosting Account

User selects a subdomain/domain and enters it in the provided field. THT checks it against the mysql database and if it is unused you can move on to step five.

Step 5 - Create Account

Account is created via ajax so the page never reloads. Registration errors may occur on this step if THT cannot create the account properly or fully.