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Here's a semi-complete list of changes since 1.2:

Bugs Fixed:

   * Fixed the cant re declare fatal error bug
   * Fixed bug where redirects to payment for every type.
   * Fixed the delete ticket problem with some physically attractive AJAX.
   * Made a better check_email function, validEmail. validEmail is included in includes/class_main.php so it can be used just about anywhere. validEmail does not use the deprecated ereg function. (PHP 5.3 support) Wink
   * Fixed two things. If a username is over eight characters then it is considered invalid. Also, anything put in the username field is automatically converted to lowercase.
   * THT will no longer accept usernames that begin with a number.
   * Fixed bug described here:
   * Fixed bug in footer as described here:

Features / Enhancements:

   * Updated order form message when paid completed
   * Order Form now redirects straight to payment once completed
   * Updated compiler.php and info.tpl with some update information.
   * Added Drupal P2H support!
   * Changed invoices box in client area to look nicer. More JS.
   * Fixed a notice here and there. Gave compiler.php a new checkForDependencies function that runs at the beginning of every load and checks for basic functions that it needs. Such as MySQL and cURL. More to be added as needed.
   * Added tool tip about keeping the username under 8 characters.
   * Upgraded jquery.js to jQuery 1.4. It doesn't seem to have broken anything after some basic testing.
   * Staff can change a client's cPanel account password
   * Changed XML-API folder to API and added a readme.